what is hnb cigarette

what is hnb cigarette

HNB (Heat-Not-Burn) cigarettes offer a modern twist on tobacco consumption.  Instead of burning tobacco like traditional cigarettes, HNB devices heat it, releasing a nicotine-infused vapor.  This process reduces harmful chemicals, providing a potentially less harmful option for smokers while retaining the familiar ritual and flavor.  HNB cigarette aim to strike a balance between satisfying nicotine cravings and minimizing health risks, making them a noteworthy innovation in the world of smoking alternatives.

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Cutting-Edge HnB Innovation

Sixhill Established in 2004, our legacy as a leading one-stop e-cigarette solution provider uniquely positions us to redefine the tobacco landscape.  With a rich heritage and commitment to advancement, Sixhill introduces pioneering solutions that transform tobacco enjoyment.

Unprecedented Investment

With unwavering dedication, Sixhill's commitment to progress is evident through substantial financial investments, amounting to billions of RMB.   This remarkable capital infusion underscores our determination to redefine the tobacco landscape and deliver unparalleled experiences to our consumers.

Manufacturing Excellence

Sixhill's commitment to technological prowess extends to our expansive manufacturing facilities.   Spanning over 100,000 m² across 5 cutting-edge factories, our manufacturing infrastructure is a testament to our dedication to excellence and innovation in producing world-class Heat-Not-Burn devices.

Unrivaled Output and Expertise

With over two decades of expertise in the e-cigarette industry, Sixhill brings unmatched knowledge to the table.   Our products, which include HNB tobacco, HNB cigarette, HNB devices, and more, collectively achieve an awe-inspiring output of over 100 million units per month. 

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Sixhill, a new brand of a Heat-Not-Burn System,cultivated from the rich soil of China First Union,established in 2004,which is one of the biggest and earliest one stand -solution e-cig suppliers in the world.
Sixhill is a new brand of heat-not-burn system launched by China Yilian, a leading e-cigarette supplier since 2004.   The project has invested billions of RMB and cooperated with major tobacco companies to develop tobacco heating devices.    Sixhill has advanced technology and facilities for different heating systems.  Sixhill's goal is to provide innovative heat not burn appliances!

Besides the high level of supply chain and manufacture capacity(5 factories,1 headquarter1 advanced technology institute with overall 1000 m2area)R&D also achieved great improvement on the independent developed heating system technologyincluding conductive heating,induction heatinginfrared heating technology.   The main products of Sixhill are: HNB tobacco, HNB cigarette, HNB devices, HNB sticks, Electronic cigarette, e-cigarette devices, tobacco heating devices, Unburned tobacco devices, HNB tobacco devices, tobacco sticks, heated tobacco.

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Our hnb cigarette Support odm/oem production

As a leading HNB cigarette manufacturer, we take immense pride in our innovative approach to tobacco consumption.  Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by our willingness to offer ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customization options for our HNB cigarette products.

At the core of our philosophy lies a deep understanding of the diverse and evolving preferences of adult smokers.  With our ODM services, we empower partners to infuse their unique brand identity and design concepts into our cutting-edge HNB cigarette technology.  Collaborating closely, we transform ideas into tangible products that captivate consumers and stand out in the market.

For those seeking a seamless integration of our HNB cigarette expertise into their existing product lines, our OEM services provide a comprehensive solution.  From personalized packaging and branding to tailored flavor profiles, we work hand in hand with clients to bring their vision to fruition.  Our dedicated team of experts ensures that every aspect of the customized product aligns with the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Our commitment to ODM and OEM customization reflects our dedication to promoting harm reduction while catering to individual preferences.  By offering tailor-made HNB cigarette solutions, we enable our partners to meet the unique demands of their target audiences, effectively contributing to the evolution of the tobacco industry.

In a world where consumer choices are paramount, our ODM and OEM offerings set us apart as pioneers in the HNB cigarette sector.  We invite prospective partners to join us on this journey of innovation, where together we can reshape the smoking landscape and provide adult smokers with a personalized, less harmful alternative that caters to their distinctive tastes and preferences.

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Yan Pro——Enjoy Technology Life

Yan Pro is built with LED screen to instant display of smoking data, making it easier to use.

Yan Mini——Macaron Fashion Item

Yan Mini using electrical resistance heating technology, which can quickly and evenly release tobacco flavor.

Ctom Yin——Fashion Device With Pure Tobacco

CTOM Yin is an amazing product of HNB that supply HNB devices and paired with the HNB sticks.

Aurr——Stronger More Power

The Sixhill Aurr adopts Breelight, an advanced infrared heating technology invented by Sixhill.

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Sixhill consistently offers an impressive array of Hnb Tobacco, Hnb Devices, and Heated Tobacco. Their commitment to innovation ensures our customers have access to high-quality, diverse options that cater to evolving preferences.

Liam Kim

Sixhill's Hnb Sticks and Electronic Cigarette offerings have greatly contributed to our business expansion. Their reliable supply chain and quality assurance have enabled us to meet market demands and seize new opportunities.

Andreas Müller

We are impressed with Sixhill's range of Electronic Cigarettes and E-cigarette Devices. Their Tobacco Heating Devices and Heated Tobacco offer innovative solutions that resonate with our customers. Working with Sixhill has helped us stay at the forefront of the market.

John Smith

Sixhill has consistently delivered top-notch Hnb Tobacco and Hnb Devices to our business. The exceptional flavor and reliable performance of their products have made them our trusted supplier. Their commitment to quality is evident in every order.

William García
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An HNB cigarette, or Heat-Not-Burn cigarette, is a tobacco product that heats, not burns, tobacco, producing a nicotine-infused vapor for inhalation.

HNB cigarettes utilize a controlled heating process to release flavors and nicotine from tobacco without combustion, reducing harmful byproducts.

HNB cigarettes offer an alternative for smokers, delivering nicotine without some of the harmful effects of burning tobacco, potentially aiding cessation efforts. 

HNB cigarettes emit fewer harmful chemicals than conventional cigarettes due to the absence of combustion, potentially reducing health risks.

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Our hnb-cigarette support customization

From Hnb Tobacco to Hnb Devices, Electronic Cigarettes, Heated Tobacco, and Tobacco Heating Devices, our portfolio encompasses a spectrum of modern alternatives to traditional smoking.

Characteristics and uses of hnb-cigarette

Our portfolio includes Hnb Tobacco, Hnb Devices, Electronic Cigarettes, Heated Tobacco, and Tobacco Heating Devices – each embodying unique characteristics and purposes, redefining the way people experience nicotine.

Function and importance of hnb-cigarette

Our lineup includes Hnb Tobacco, Hnb Devices, Electronic Cigarettes, Heated Tobacco, and Tobacco Heating Devices – each bearing unique functionalities and immense significance in redefining nicotine enjoyment.

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